Why hasn't he called?

My boyfriend went on holiday yesterday to albefera Portugal with 6 friends 3 which are single and 3 that isn't but y boyfriend text m and his way to the airport saying he would call me when he got there and he loves me loads and will well miss me I replayed and said no bother have a good time love you loads to and I would miss him too but he hasn't phoned since he got there a dunno I he maybe wants to settle for a few days then tell me what its like and c what I have been up to so we have things to talk about but I know he won't be using his phone to text o phone on holiday because it will make our contracts sky high so he has to buy a phone card but I just hope he will phone and him sending me that text was nice and that he was thinking of me so do you think he will phone eventually


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  • Relax he's on vacation. Think about how much you see and do on vacation. He'll call when things settle down.