Do you ask people out just to get a date, or do you actually have to like the person?

Do you ask people out just to get a date, or do you actually have to like the person?

i do not understand the point of asking out strangers & you would never do that. nr would I go out with one. seems cheep. like you don't know me, so you are asking me out because you like how I look. lame. if it was not me, it'd be the next person, that's not at all attractive.

also, I would feel absurd asking out a guy idk. what would I even say. I mean I might as well say you are cure. lets pretend to want to get to know each other, hope we don't hate each other,then if we can stand each others company. well f***.

i mean that's what you are saying when you just randomly get a number. wtf do you do with a random number. how d I know you are not a socio path.

i prefer getting to know people through common interests. that way you know if you get along, you know if you like them, you know you have common interests, & it does not have to be a big production.. you just go hang out & when you feel it you kiss or w/e

i think just asking random people looks desperate you do not have patience to get to know a person, you just need numbers to have a sense of being desirable.

on the other hand, maybe I'm being unfair. I mean I talk to strangers--just to talk- all the time. & maybe that's to very different than getting the # to ask them out--except I'm not talking to them with an ulterior motive.

idk why can't you just get to know people first why do you have to date strangers--what does that do for you?


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  • I know that a lot of people ask out just to get the date, and I don't really understand it. I could personally never ask someone out unless I knew I liked them and knew them. I guess some people see the first date as a way to understand them and get to know them a bit, and if the date doesn't go to good then you just don't make a second.

    I'm much more a fan of understanding a girl through friendship, rather than a date. It seems much more realistic and effective, at least until you get friend-zoned.

    • i agree. id rather be friends first.. by the way I know if I will end up liking a guy when I meet him. & I have never stopped liking a guy because we were friends.. if anything it increases & I feel more frustrated that we are only friends. friend zone is a myth or coincidence, imo.

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  • ive asked 3 girls out and each time it was because I liked them,


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  • I'd like them first.. I mean, come on.. why would you just date someone.. that sounds really weird... I mean you date to find someone who you think you can be with right? So you should like them at first too

    • i agree. lol I don't see the point of collecting strangers ;)

    • Yah like totally :P lol, "collecting strangers :P" good phrasing :P

    • heh.. ;)

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