How can I not come across as a stalker/creep?

I know many people have an issue going up and talking to the opposite gender, but I have the exact opposite issue. I can approach and talk to a girl fine, but I don't quite know when to leave so I just awkwardly hang around a little too long. I eventually get that it's time to leave, but usually it's too late and the girl already views me as a creep or stalker, or at the very least weird.

I just could use some tips and pointers because this is something I struggle with, especially with girls I don't know too well and might not see again.


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  • Try to leave when things are on a high note... you're flirting, got her laughing, etc, and then say, "well look I gotta run, but it was nice meeting you" ask for her number if you didn't already get it and then leave... even if you don't have somewhere else to go, just break contact with her wanting more.

  • When you first walk up say something like "I only have moment to talk, because I have to meet with some friends." That way you have an excuse to make an exit later.

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