Is she flirting or being friendly?

How does a guy know when a girl is flirting and not just being friendly?

I ask this because I have a friend that I am going to be meeting alone with tomorrow at a restaurant and I am unsure if it is supposed to be an unofficial date or not. We plan to talk to each other about our mission trips that we were just on (we were on different trips and weren't together for them), and she had originally proposed this event in the first place. Also we have been have trouble planning it fitting it to our schedules, and she is constantly using smiley faces in every message she sends about it, so I don't know how to take these - as friendliness or flirting? (Smiley faces are in nearly every message)


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  • I'm gonna be pretty blunt, I don't think she's flirting...I'm not sure, but that's my guess.

    I put smiley faces in almost all my texts, to guys AND girls. She might be the same way.

    And I'll also have just a random lunch or dinner with some guy friends sometimes, and yes sometimes one on one. Just because I think it's no big deal if I know they don't like me that way.

    Howwwweverrrrrrr, again, I'm not sure, so just go on that "unofficial date" or whatever tomorrow. And if you feel like she's flirting, go for it(:

    Also, flirting texts are different than friendly texts...being flirty usually involves teasing and compliments more, and probably more winking faces(; haha. Friendly texts are just that. Conversation, just talking about stuff, no big deal.

    Hope I helped?(:


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  • Well when I'm trying to be flirty, and same with my friends I put smileys in like EVERY SINGLE message. I think she may be flirting a little, so you should try and flirt too!


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