Not returning my calls


Ok, so I met this awesome guy on Halloween. We hung out a bit that night and really got along. He came over the following week, I cooked him dinner and we ended up having sex. We talked a few more times and then he came over again the next week and we fooled around (I had my period). Whenever we talked and hung out, he seemed really, really into me, talking about future plans and implying he looked at me as more than a random hookup. Like, he would talk about teaching me to surf, cool places we could go, helping me install my cable, etc.He talked about this after we had sex too.

Fast forward-I have left him a few messages, but he hasn't returned my calls. He did call and leave me a semi-drunk message on Thanksgiving Eve, but I couldn't really make it out. I did call him back, but now, I still haven't heard back.

What gives? Should I try him once more or write it off that he isn't into me or has found someone else?



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  • Give it a couple weeks and try once more, it won't hurt anything if you do.


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  • What the hell.the same thing .less the sex happened to me.what did the turkey do to them? response.nothing.I know that he liked me .all his friends said so, and you can just tell when someone does there is chemistry. GRRRRR! is RIGHT! I ahev texted mine once, and emailed once, and everyone around me is saying stop its over.but wtf!