Who would you guys/girls date?

So basically I want to see what guys/girls look for in their dating prospects, spouses, etc... I've seen all sorts of "oh, I want a nice guy who's sweet and funny" or "I want a girl who's cute and well-mannered" only to be surprised by the choices they make at the end. Vote for one of the choices below please. :)

Given, the choices are really generalized, but you can add your own touch as to what you prefer within an answer below.

Let's say there are 5 girls or guys at a table and they all have expressed a clear interest in you. You don't know any of them, but you do have first impressions. Which one would you "go out" with?

A: Mr./Miss Hot & Sexy. This person literally looks like a model. Just looking at him/her, takes your breath away. He/she is very nice to you and clearly knows how to talk to a person of the opposite gender (maybe a player/playeress?). He/she is clearly giving off signals that they like you. You just have to come and get it.

B: Mr./Miss Wealthy. Getting into a relationship with this person would mean covering your expenses for however long you are together. Marrying him/her would guarantee a life of comfort. Also, he/she is pretty good-looking. Definitely someone you would be proud to call your partner. Very well-mannered when he/she talks to you, but he/she does attract a lot of attention from the other sex. You'll need to keep a close eye to make sure some other girl/guy doesn't snatch your partner away.

C: Mr./Miss Talented. He/she is pretty much good at everything they touch. He/she can sing, dance, play instruments, speak in public, play sports, etc... People envy his/her abilities and you being with him/her would make you the envy of your peers. Oh, he/she can also be a little cocky, but usually in a joking manner (or is he/she not joking?). He/she is probably the most interesting person you've ever met. You're inevitably attracted to him/her but so is everyone else...

D: Mr./Miss Popular. He/she knows people like the back of their palm. He/she knows what to say, knows what to do. Everybody loves him/her and to top it all off, he/she is not cocky. In fact, he/she is very humble and modest. Popular AND Humble? hmmm.. Did I mention he/she is still very popular with his/her many exes?

E: Mr. Nice Guy/Girl. He/she is not as hot, wealthy, talented, or popular as the other options, BUT there is one thing they can guarantee. For one thing, you'll know that he/she will never cheat on you and will respect you on an equal level. He/she is the sweetest girl/guy, but yet, they aren't nice, nice. They aren't wimpy pushovers, and you find him/her kinda attractive. However, being with him/her won't exactly get a lot of oo's and ahh's from your peers. In fact, they might make fun of you.

Be honest with your answers ;). I know most of us are more shallow than we care to admit. I for one would probably pick C just because I like talented girls, even if they aren't really really good-looking. Miss Popular/Nice Girl are tied for 2nd.

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  • Mr./Miss Wealthy
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  • Mr./Miss Talented
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  • Mr./Miss Popular
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  • Mr./Miss Nice Guy/Girl
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mr.Wealthy was the second choice but E sounds like what I would want.

    Im not really to interested in what my friends have to say because they have yet to find prince charmings so..

    plus I'm nice and don't want to have to constantly look after a person because they are a hot commodity


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What Girls Said 5

  • I'm the type of person that enjoys being in a monogomous relationship so I'd want to pick the guy that is the most dateable. I'd have to be honest and say E. My boyfriend of today is E except he's mad hot too. (:

  • I pick E. Maybe C or D if he looked good.

  • i would pick E

  • E is perfect in my eyes. That's the category I'd put my boyfriend in.

    My ex was an A guy and it was the worst relationship of my life. Looks aren't everything. Not even close.

  • I've dealt with an A before & he was a player...so that's a no.

    B is a possibility.

    I'm actually currently crushing on a guy who is like C. :)

    My last crush was like D & things were going great...til he went back to his ex.

    E is the ideal guy cause he's dependable & sweet. it doesn't matter what others think.

    Its a tie between C & E.


What Guys Said 3

  • I chose E because I want a girl who is nice and caring and respect for me. However none of these options list anything about a sense of humor or being able to laugh at anything (Iaid back). Bc those are 2 qualities that I want in a girl :)

  • F Miss Partner you and she are able to communicate and plan out long and short term goals, coming to an agreement that is fair for all, and work toward achieving them. She's someone who can help shoulder an unexpected burden and for whom you will return the favor.

  • This isn't even a contest, E.

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