How do I start dating?

I'm 21 and never had a boyfriend... I've only ever been on 2 dates in my life... One guy I met at a bar (but I don't go to bars often, I don't really like them) and he was just looking for a sex buddy not a girlfriend. The other guy I met at a friends party and I went to the movies with him but nothing happened between us... So I'm not sure if he liked me. How do I go about meeting guys and going on dates? I'm really shy and don't have much of a social life...


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  • honestly if your really shy you should try using some available resources like friends...

    tell your friends your looking for a boyfriend...

    if you have no friends. start doing volunteer work. ull meet great people who will have the same passion for helping people and ull possibly meet a guy there.

    if not meet friends from volunteer work and they would introduce you to there friends...

    the goal is to expand your resources. and availability.

    also it doesn't hurt to try dating online. like match, plenty of fish or eharmony...

    because people lives are so busy now its really hard to date...

    since we are in an era where technology plays a big role in meeting people

    i would suggest going those routes... also for the mean time please focus on yourself

    love yourself. understand yourself. find yourself. know who you are.

    you can't love someone, understand, and know someone until you do.

    good luck!

    • very well said and question asker, you should set this answer as the best one. :P

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  • ask a guy out

    • No way.

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    • Because I don't want to get used. If a guy genuinely likes me he would ask me out. If I ask a guy out he would probably say yes even if he's bot interested in a relationship because he'll think he can get sex.

    • thats bullsh*t, guys still want sex regardless of who asked who out

  • Online dating might work for you.

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    • still was funny haha

    • Well I don't know anything else then. If you're not social you're kinda screwed unless you meet someone at school, work, or through mutual friends randomly.

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