Prom date. Guys, would you go?

I want to ask my childhood/high school sweetheart to my senior prom this year. I mean, I've been dreaming about going with this guy to prom since the 3rd grade! The problem is, we now live 500 miles apart. BUT I am a big optimist so I just bought him round-trip tickets to fly here for my prom. Other than the fact that we live 500 miles apart, the only other problem is that I haven't asked him yet! I am not one to ask a guy out. I am wayyy more traditional, so I'm a little nervous. I plan to ask him on xmas eve. Guys, would you say yes?


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  • If it was a girl and she liked me and I liked her, I'd go. If she liked me and I didn't like her, I probably wouldn't go. If we were both friends, then I would probably go. This also all depends on if I had time to go also, but if a girl had gone to all the trouble to buy the tickets I think I'd go no matter what, and hey, if I knew her and knew I could have a good time, then I'm sure things would turn out fine.

    • Thanks! makes sense.

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    • Its not until May, but I figured it would be best to ask him earlier than normal due to the circumstances. It went so well! He didn't just say yes, he said that he would really love to and he is super excited! =D I also talked to his parents before I asked him to make sure it would be okay with them for me to fly him in and have him stay at my house. So everything is absolutely perfect! =D

    • Wow I'm really happy it went so well. Congrats!

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  • Well, you got him a ticket to fly 500 miles to see. and he agreed! So, obviously he wants to see you and spend time with you. So, yea I think he will say yes. I think you should ask him before he comes to see you though. I mean in case he says No. Then again I guess you would still have several months to find another date if he rejected you right?

    I think your odds are very good

    • No no no I mean I bought him the ticket to fly here for my prom already haha. =D ...BUT I just found out that I might be going to visit him for xmas.

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    • Keep me updated!!! BEST WISHES TO YOU

    • I just asked him last night and he said YES! He was soooo surprised, and he is so stoked. =D

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