Top ten things that girls do that turn guys on?

just wondering lol I saw that question in a magazine but didn't have enough time to read the answer


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  • 1. Working your fine booty all up against me.

    2. Giggling all cute then biting your bottom lip

    3. Flinging your hair back so I can smell it.

    ... damn! This list is long! Ima throw some things out there.

    4. Take care of your teeth (make em white)

    5. Take care of your feet (girls should have them pretty feet)

    6. Take care of your body (hit da gym)

    7. Smell nice

    8. Physically tease me

    9. Be happy

    10 Know how to cook (roflmao)


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  • 1) Smurk (it is different then a smile and it is usually because you are thinking something really good)

    2) Hold a conversation

    3) Try new things

    4) Be comfortable to just be yourself (like singing when you normally would if alone, say what you are thinking without holding back, just relax around him)

    5) Sleep naked

    6) Be understanding

    7) Never fake it

    8) Tell him if something is bothering you

    9) Realize that going braless is way sexier than anything you could pick up at Victoria Secret.

    10) Honestly admit when you masturbate

  • 1. toss their hair with shoulders

    2. Look overthe top of books or dark glasses

    3. Talk about how slim I an

  • I think the way they dress is the best and easiest way to turn a guy on. Wear something provocative that makes you stand out from the rest. Not saying dress like a hooker but there are ways to get guys head to turn. Like today saw this girl who I would usually call average, nice boobs but not huge, nice bum but not amazing, she did have a good slim waist but not extremely slim what really made her stand out was she was wearing a yellow skirt with pocadots and a little string around her waist as a belt. It matched her blond hair perfectly and she was walking like she was a model. Fast paced but with grace. She also a very dark thong which could be faintly seen because of the contrast with the very light yellow dress. LOL yes she turned me and the other guy I was with a lot.


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