Men, he told me to text him - bad sign?

So I like this guy we did flirt but we don't work at the same place anymore. I added him on fb he wrote on my wall I sent him a pm saying I want to return the favor for the coffees he bought me ( Which I thought was a first move)' his says anytime text me and he gave me his number (he doesn't have mine) but WTF I have to chase him? Every bloody book, person ,man and women has told me if a guy says 'call me' there playing games. They have to call the girl. Men thoughts what do I do? This guys is not shy by the way he got an ego.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Just do it!don't be falling for those books we are in a new era if you like him go for it

    • Do you think he's interested?

    • Honestly I think he is but wants things to go your way..

    • lol sorry what do you mean my way?.. he has a ego. I'm just afraid he's a player and isn't serious at all like be half ass being like "sure call me" or he was saying that to be nice and not answer when I do call. lol.

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  • Men are sick of playing the "I gotta do all the god damn work" game. We like to see women are willing to chase/work for/initiate stuff with us for once. Just do it. He's probably interested, but tired of doing the work and coming up finding women who aren't really THAT interested, but just want a free meal or think they're interested but later figure out they weren't really or ya...

    • kk I will. It just thought I made the move but contacting him that I wanted to return the favor.. and I don't know where to take him. cause he has a ego, and knows a lot of girls so.. I don't know I've been told if a guy liked you he would ask for your number and such.

What Girls Said 1

  • how can it be a bad sign?

    • it just like you know that move he's just not that into you. you know I'm making the first move and he didn't ask for my number, so it like he wants me to chase him in away. I dunno.