Embarassing sunburn emergency!

I'm hanging out with my guy friend (who likes me) and I like him back tomarow, but I had this sunburn that JUST DECIDED to become flaky right now.

Its only a little bit, above my eyebrows and a little on the side of my forehead, but it is all red and irritated, I cannot cover it up with makeup because it would just look worse, what do I do!?

How much of a turn off do you think this is going to be :(

Okay, so I put vinegar on it (sounds gross but it dissolves dead skin), then I exfoliated it, and applied tons of cooling gel and a little oil, it looks really good,next time I get a sunburn ill def. try the baby oil trick, ty for your help


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  • Its not a big deal so I wouldn't worry about it. He'll understand its just a sunburn. If you have some, put some aloe vera on it and just avoid the sun in that spot for a little while and it should clear up in no time.


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  • It'll be finee. You can gently use a tooth brush to exfoliate the area. Then apply lotion and mix it with makeup so it can absorb into your skin. Guys probably won't think its a big deal, just be confident and don't freak out. :)

  • Buy baby oil, every time you get burt, saturate your skin. You won't peal and you will tan.

    • even if I'm freakishly pale? I feel like greasing myself up and going out into the sun will burn me to a crisp, no matter how oily I am O.o

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    • wow I'm glad I clarified that, me and my friends would have greased up and laid on a roof somewhere. wew.

    • Lol no, that would be very painful

  • Okay chill out :) leave moisturiser on it for a few hours, keep reapplying. And when you do your makeup do it very minimal because overdoing it won't help your skin repair. I recomend a liquid foundation but don't use alot. Good luck!

    • I use vinegar on my skin every time I get a sunburn, it works really well at kind of dissolving the dead skin, but now I'm considering scrubbing my face with a facial scrub to remove the excess before I moisturize, do you think scrubbing will make it worse or better?

    • Sounds like an intelligent idea to me, those products do dry your skin out sometimes so make sure you moisturise! :)