What's the usage of being friends with someone here in GAG?

Like is there any way to communicate with them?

I've heard that there used to be some way to chat with your friends, but seems its not working now!


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  • Well, being friends is reciprocal on here, just like in real life, if you wish it to be. When you wish to be a great friend and listen and help motivate them, you're there for them. When you need help, the site has people who do truly care (myself included) and wish to help. Your friends can chat with you. The site does have people who are either judgmental or mean or simply joking around, just like in real life.

    I joined the site to help people after having to experience a divorce (still in it now). I want to help people avoid that pain or to recover from that pain.

    In the lower right-hand corner, the Meebo chat program lists your friends. When you are both on-line, and available to chat, you can chat in a window.

    You also have a kind of favorite people, so you don't need to remember their names.

    I helped a girl go from break-up to dating again. Too bad she left the site, but I think she used the site temporarily to help her find happiness and get guidance. This was through Instant Message chatting and the Messages section, as well.

    In summary, friends on here can be just like friends in real life. It's all in how you express yourself and what you truly want out of it.

    • yes I agree with u...but I thought they removed the chat option from the site, so I was wondering if there is anyway we can communicate with each other!

      tnx for your help :)

    • Oh, the chat option is still there. As xperience said, it may be your browser. I'm using Internet Explorer 8 and 6 on my laptop. It may be a simple software conflict.

    • yess...now I changed my browser and could see some of my online friends...tnx for your help again :)

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  • Sounds like you just can't see the chat bar, that happens with IE and Safari sometimes. Use Google Chrome or Firefox, you should be able to see the chat bar again.

    • yes, you are right..i changed to firefox and I can see the chat bar, tnxx :)

  • you can chat to them live should be at the bottom of the pc screen, send messages, write on their wall

    • i can't see anything! might it be my browser problem? I use safari !

  • go on your meebo chat and talk to whatever friends you have that are online if you want too.

    • should I sign up for a meebo account?!

    • you can go to meebo.com and sign up if you want too. you should have meebo available to you without signing up for it tho.

  • probably because of your browser... trying using chrome :p

    • then I would have an option to chat with other ppl?

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