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ok I'm married and we are having lots of problems. So I just ran into an old friend. We were in high school together and we were always together,we had a lot of chances to make out,but we never did. I had a crush on him and he had one on me.So now we've talked and we've been together and he tells me that I'm the one he's always wanted and that I always made his day,and that we should have been together.He said he always thought of me. It's been 8 years since we were in high school. And I still like him and I never forgot him. And I just want to know what do you guys think of this?

My husband was abusing me,cheating,and lying.For 6years he said he would change.I know what I did was wrong.I told my friend that I couldn't see him.He said he will always be there and will never forget me.And I'm not giving my husband anymore of my time.
Thanks 4 the advice everyone.


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  • Problem in your marriage aren't going to be solved by another man. You didn't elaborate on the problems of your marriage, so I'm going to assume they are the typical ones faced by married couples.

    Of course it seems like a good idea to run off with the first guy who makes you feel "wanted" again, but you have to understand that's how ALL relationships start. Including the one that led up to your marriage. I can go outside right now and find "this many" men that can make me feel the same way. 90% of them would be gone by the end of the week, and the rest by the week after. Why? Because it takes time and energy to make the same commitment that your husband made.

    I believe that people can reconnect, but by the same token people change as well. Before you run off into the sunset with your new prince charming - fix what's wrong with your marriage. You at least owe your husband the opportunity to change your mind. Another thing, you can't run away from your problems. They will manifest in the future if you don't take care of them now.

    If he's abusing you, cheating on you, or lying to you - leave him before you start another relationship. Good luck.

    • Since she said "we've been together" I would say she did the cheating its sad how people ask what they should do after they do something that would wipe out the marriage anyway.

    • Ohh, I guess I missed that part.

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  • Women wish their men acted like they did when they first started dating.

    Men wish that heir women looked like they did when they first started dating.

    You're experiencing the "niceness" that comes with when you first start dating/meeting with this high school guy. He'll be charming, caring and even sympathetic.

    Guess what? This guy is a huge douche. If I knew a girl was married? I wouldn't do anything to jeperdize the marraige because it's selfish. Marriage is supposed to be sacred and all this stuff but people don't have respect for this bond anymore, social change :/

    Don't mask your problems by living out your romantic fantasies and like the others have said, try to save your marriage first.

  • I think that you should end your marriage before you start a new relationship. If your old beau is serious about you guys being together, then he will wait until you have completed the divorce.


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  • Thats a hard question. I have a child and was married for the past 7 years. I left my husband earlier this year because we were having problems too. I seemed to be missing out on so much and couldn't wait to be single and date, plus he wasnt treating me well.I dated for a while but quickly realized that I missed my husband and wanted to get back together, but he didn't want to take me back because I had been with someone else. My advice is to really think of the pros and cons of your marriage, maybe seek counseling. Everything is new and exciting at first.and even though you've known this other guy for 8 yrs, its all fresh and new again.