If a guy calls you sexy all the time through text messaging

There's this guy I've been hanging with. We text all the time, but have only hang out twice, and I kinda have feelings for him. Not strong feelings but when I don't text him for a day I feel unease and feels like something is missing. But here's the thing, when we text his speech is different from the way he talks when we meet. He always put the word sexy in front of his first message and sometimes even ends our conversation of the day with it.

Example: hey sexy, OK sexy, sounds good sexy,

I mean I don't mind being called that but why does he say it so much? Here's my question : If a guy calls you sexy all the time through text messaging, but doesn't even come close to saying it when you're face to face, what does that mean?


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  • He thinks your hot

    • Does that means he only likes me for my looks?

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