To call or not to call?

So I've been hanging out with this guy for a couple of weeks now and we've been having a blast together. But I haven't heard from him since yesterday.. no big deal, but I can't stop thinking about him :) and I want to text or call him but I don't want to be too pushy.. Should I just wait and let him call or text me first? If I do it first will I Iook pushy or needy? Help! lol What are your opinions?

Every time my phone rings, I get butterflies hoping its him lol ugh this is ridiculous lol
Well he never called and we haven't spoke since Saturday.. So I'm assuming I fell into the friend zone or he wasn't interested. oh well, life goes on ;) Thanks for the comments guys


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  • Aw that's cute. It really depends on the guy. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with you sending a text. However; I would advise you to wait another day before calling or sending a text, unless you have a legitimate or important question/reason.

    Just don't get upset if he doesn't respond immediately, and more importantly DO NOT bombard him with messages.

    • with no legitimate reason other than wanting to just say hello and hear his voice, I'm guess I'm waiting. LOL no, I wouldn't do that. He normally calls or texts me first. Mostly because I don't want to bug him. Thank you for your reply ;)

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  • I do understand the feeling but I suggest for you to wait and see what he does...i know its hard to resist,but I hope he calls soon...wish you the best!

    • I picked up my phone I know 5 times to start a text and then put it down lol Still no call or text.. uggghhh feels like I'm in high school again waiting on that guy to call lol So silly. I just hope I haven't misread signals or crossed into the friend zone.. I've the biggest crush ha ha :)) thank you!

  • I would call him first instead of waiting for him. When you call him first you are letting him know that you like his company and would like to see more of him.