GUYS: When do you take off your dating profile?

or at least hide it? Would you still go online to have a peek if you claim to have started developing feelings?


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  • I take it off when I've given up hope or I want a break from the search. Like now.

    Otherwise I leave it up. Even if I'm in a committed relationship. I look. I check my empty traps. I set up new bait.

    Why? Because generally speaking it takes 3-6 months to encounter someone willing to talk to you. So I have to hedge my bets. Just incase you and me don't work out - I'm already a few months into my search for your replacement. It's not like being a girl when you can meet someone within a week. No no, there's the girls who'll think you're a murderer, and the girls who are picky, and the girls who don't check their mail anymore... I could go on and on. Girls are impossible to talk to online.

    • At first, I was ready to jump all over you but... I do see your point. It's an angle I never considered. When I see the guy I'm seeing online, I start losing interest. I automatically assume he's not serious and I haven't allowed myself to get too close as a result. I feel like I have to be ready to leave at any moment. This is the problem with online dating and why I'll never do it again.

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    • "girls, well they're just rude" lol brother, you said a mouthful.

    • WOW! You seem to have taken my post rather personal. Are you a perpetual online dater too or something? Sheesh!

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  • This is just an idea, but maybe suggest that you could also put up a dating profile and check it at will and ask if he thinks that's where your relationship is at.

    Just for my own curiosity, was he an ugly duckling as an adolescent or a ladies man?

    • I thought about what you suggested but, I don't want to online date anymore. I did it for kicks and happened to meet this guy.

      funny you should ask. He works out excessively, worries about aging and has had very bad luck with women. So, I get the impression he was an ugly duckling.

    • Well I would hope that he wouldn't take you up on it, that's the point. It's hard for me not to be a little sympathetic to a guy who's never had attention from the opposite gender and is now finding it.

      That's not to say you should put up with it. So do you love this man?

    • I could see myself falling in love with him but, I can't allow myself to get too close because of this sh*t. Only thing to do now is to talk about it. He probably has no idea it's ruining our relationship.

  • I never did, I just left it inactive. I actually caught a bit of crap about it. But honestly I wasn't even looking.

    • If my guy did what you did... I wouldn't be mad but, he goes on everyday! Did you take it down after the chit chat?

    • lol nope. It's probably still up. But I'm not the type of man to cheat and I think she figured that out pretty quick.

    • That's pretty funny. LOL! I wish that was my case. *sigh* I don't believe in forcing people to do things. I would rather him chose to stop on his own but, I can't pretend to be OK with it. How do you suggest I go about it without being pushy?

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