To text or not to txt?

I went out with a girl almost 2 months ago, Only had the one date, spoke briefly afterward and NC since a week after the date.

Would it be weird if I text her happy birthday?


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  • Go for it! :D why not? Who knows? maybe you telling her happy birthday will open communication back up...!

    • Would be nice to talk again, txt'd her now so guess I'll just see if she wants to talk. Thx :)

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    • I had already thought about what you said before you posted. Just have a bad habit of over thinking or making silly choices and wanted someone elses opinion to make sure I wasn't being silly lol.

      Your welcome for best answer.

    • awwww it's natural! I would have second guessed the choice too had I been in your situation. but if you never try you'll never it's best to try!

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  • Nope, it may be flattering that you remembered.


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  • Texting is like a pestilence to gaming. Verizon and AT&T may want you to think that it is an innovation that helps bring people together quicker and easier on a social level, but that can't be further from the truth.

    Even TALKING on the phone degrades your power to game effectively, here's proof:

    Talking to a woman face to face allows you to utilize all of the aspects of your game to their full potential. You can use body language, eye contact, vocal tone, physical contact, the works.

    Now when you get on the phone and talk to a woman, body language, eye contact, and touching are taken out of the mix... but at least you still can express things through speech and vocal tone.

    Next we have texting, which continue the trend of degrading REAL social interaction by even removing your ability to express your game with your voice... and replaces it with f***ing smiley faces and lame substitutes for real expressions.

    This is ridiculous, because even if you have very potent game in person and your little smirk can send chills down her spine when you are right there in front of her... over a text your smirk becomes nothing more than a dumb ass which is the same thing she sees from every other guy. You can't stand out via text because it is digitally delivered to her in the same fashion that everyone who texts her. Essentially, it lowers you down to the level of any other AFC that she may be communicating with because the foundation texting is built upon does not allow your game to be expressed as it should, even in the slightest.

    I've got a keypad on my phone, even a really cool touch screen one (I got the BlackBerry Storm2)... but the only time I ever use it is when I've saving someone's number into my phone and type their name.

    When a woman texts you, write her back and tell her to call you because texting is boring. If she's an average chick, do it with a compliment: "Call me instead of texting, I want to hear your sexy voice, it turns me on baby ", and if she is a hot babe, do it proactively and show some value, or use a neg. No matter what method you use, avoid texting at all costs, it is a blight on gaming and will make your job 10 times more difficult no matter how many stupid acronyms you know how to use.

    I know this doesn't you answer the question, but I hope you have realized how texting and calling is not going to help you.

    • Thanks for the rather large response, it doesn't really help.

      I'm not a fan of txting or talking on the phone, much rather do it in person.

      She lives about 40 min or so away and I don't know if she'll even be at home. She normally spends Sunday with her mum too so didn't want to call and interrupt her family time. Least a text is simple she'll know I thought of her and can either contact me (bonus, but not why I txt) when she is free or just delete it. Either way I've said what I intended.