Should I call him or wait for his call?

Last Friday night I met a guy. We have known each other before but not face to face, just by other friends I knew his name and what he does. So when we met in a pub, he was on a stage(he has a band) and after a gig we started talk (I started and he admited he was impressed I did that first). He saw me talking with other guys and said that he was a little jealous, so he started to call me "my girlfriend". After he invited me to his house for a party because everyone are going there. I knew it, cause all his friends like party and I knew that they are having fun in his house. And people I know are having a party there as well. So we went to his house. Party was great, it ended on the morning, me and Aidan kissed first time then. I stayed in his room but we didn't have sex at all. I said no. but I didn't tell him why. (I don't have sex after one evening together, I just don't). actually he didn't even ask why. He wanted have sex, but he accepted my decision. We woke up next day, we went out for a lunch with his friend and that friend girlfriend. It was nice, he paid for my lunch and I said I will pay him back, he said : "No! My pleasure.". After this we went to his friends house and he introduced me all his friends! We were talking, laughing, watching tv. At the evening we started drinking, we were having craic. Again we went to the same pub for a drink and then his female friends started to tell me how great he is and everything. I heard BE NICE TO HIM and stuff like that. they were kind. Then myself and Aidan got back to his place, he cooked small dinner for me and asked in front of his friends do I want him to cook for me forever. That was strange for me cause I freaked out a little I thought he wants something more than fun. But we were drunk so I thought it's not a big deal he said that. We went sleep but again didn't have sex. Next day I stayed for a while and talked with his friends. It was nice. Then I said I'm going home. He asked me for a number, he got it. After two days he texted me. He wrote what he was doing that day I went home. I texted him back something and at the end I added "how are you?". Since then he never texted me back. He never called. Nothing. What the hell? I obviously added question mark so he should text back. I was suprised. It's been over a week! I never said I want a relationship, because I don't. I just want to have fun... He's 24, I'm 20. He's Irish I'm from other country. And I don't know what to do? Call him and say I want to meet at the evening or do nothing? I'm afraid if I will do nothing that's it. We're done. I don't have a problem with calling to guys but that thing that he never texted back... Maybe he just doesn't want to meet? If he wants, he'll call?

And what do you think, why he doesn't call?


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  • Go ahead and call him!

    • I did call him and he wasn't answer. SO that's it, he never called me back. I guess we're done. too bad, but at least I know where I'm standing now.