Men did I text too much and mess up?

oh jeez well I sent this guy a pm if he wanted to hang out sometime he said anytime and gave me his number. so I texted him two days later.. and we have been texting each other almost instantly for like a good three hours sorta. I finally asked him what day he was free and that was an hour ago and I Haven't heard anything lol did I mess up or do you think he got busy. now I feel bad we talked for casually for like three hours lol. It was on and off. But I Haven't been crazy texting him. Just going off what each other were saying. Like he would respond and I would answer. Did I mess up. I haven't texted him randomly yet.


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  • He probably just got busy.

    • Youi think he will answer back. Or just leave it at he's not interested?

    • There's a good chance he'll answer. If the conversations haven't "gone cold" lately, I'd say he'll answer.

    • He responded with whenever. Gawd... Doesn't he sound excited.

What Girls Said 1

  • No just wait till he gets at you