So I liked this guy and all and now I think we might be going out but I'm not just sure?

But anyways I have had a couple boyfriends before but I never really hung out with them before and I don't know how to act round him or what to do when I'm with him and he is in my lunch and a few classes also and I really need lots of help on what to do so it's not so awkward when I'm with him the reason why I don't know if we are going out is cause he asked so does this mean were going out now and I said yea only if you want to and I still haven't giving it back to him to find out so what should I do?


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  • Girl, first of all, you need to know when to use fullstops lol but back to the question.

    Be yourself that is my most important advice. If you want to know what to talk about with him.. talk about him, ask him about himself. I'm sure that there will be things he says that you will be able to relate to and the conversation will grow from there. And I don't think that most guys are big talkers, if it seems that you're the one that's doing all the talking, it's probably cos he's just shy. Trust me, keep at it and he will eventually open up to you feel more comfortable about being himself- as long as you're being yourself.

    And so.. has this dude not told you whether he wants to go out with you?

    maybe you should give him hints that you want to, like suggest to him that you two could go do something together sometime. like tenpin bowling or to a movie, I wouldn't suggest the whole out for dinner thing, well just not yet, (cos personally I hate restaurants, they're generally all so fancy and you can never really relax without looking out of place and like "uncultured hooligans"- personal opinion tho). Just plan something to do together and he will soon realize that you like being with him.

    If you are both being yourselves around each other then it will be easier to know how this relationship might turn out. But sometimes people don't act like themselves around people thy admire because they want to change to be better person for them, which I personally think is admirable. But some people are just shy too.

    Or you could just ask him straight.. I mean this time, don't give him anyway to back-out with out an answer. If YOU WANT a relationship with this dude - then I suggest that you ask him whether he wants to go out with you, but this time LEAVE OUT the "only if you do part", you could even go as far as saying that you would like to go out with him. I think he's just as afraid of being rejected as you are (I'm assuming you don't wanna be rejected) and he's taking the safe option by not giving a straight answer (or one at all). I'd say go for it, and see where it goes, cos it sounds like you're already doing pretty good.


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