Embarrassing first date stories?

What is your most embarrassing first date story? was it something you did? they did? or your parents did? how old were you? It could be your first date ever, or just the first date with a specific person.

i Haven't gone on a date yet, so I don't have any stories for ya! sorry.

But my dad has told me when I go on a date he'll get his shotgun out and he'll be cleaning it when my date comes to the door...and trust me he'll do it! haha


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  • ok I got two, one girlfriend of mine prom night was first time I met her dad. I was suoer nervous and he was making it worse cus he was talking about stabbing me with the pin (thingy for rose) and was talking so low I couldn't hear him (my hearings bad) so I just kept laughing at everything he said (which made me look moronic)

    my second was a girl I hooked up with at a concert she pulled me behind a bathroom and "got to work" while she was I looked at her hand and saw she had a wedding ring on =( that made me feel like an ass, then when I went back to her seat she introduced me to a kid (7 years old) I swear I nearly pissed myself. thankfully he was her friends kid, not hers

  • During my Freshmen year in college, 40 Year-Old Virgin came out on DVD, and I was taking an acting class. There was this odd girl who sat behind me in class and, according to my classmates, had a crush on me.

    Well, these friends and I went to dinner, and during the discussion, found out that I was a virgin and an abstainee. They assumed it was because I "just didn't have an opportunity yet," because apparently no sane man turns down an opportunity for sex. Well, they told this girl who sat behind me that I was interested in dating her, even though I wasn't.

    I was pissed, but these were decent guys past that mistake and I didn't want to hurt the girl, so I agreed to a lunch date. Biggest mistake of my life. She wouldn't stop talking about Anime. She related the several dungeon topic changes I initiated, back to Anime. She kept comparing me to her favorite Anime boy.

    During the date of sorts, one of the guys who set me up walked past our table to see how things were going, he managed to walk by as she was saying "I just don't understand why North Korea and South Korea can't join together and make one, BIG Korea!" while making Anime hand motions.

    The next day, my friend apologized for setting me up, and we've been good friends ever since. I cut ties with that girl soon after that date, and she became one of my worst stalkers.

    The moral of the story is don't ever tell your friends that you are abstinent. They'll just assume you can't get any without help.

    • that would be horrible! did she seriously stalk you? haha

    • Yes. She'd map my schedule and wait for me at my haunts,send her friends after me, and threatened to make a scene in the campus cafeteria if I didn't talk to her.

    • holy cow. that is awful! you should have filed for a restraining order or something.

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