He said we weren't dating. Can someone tell me this guy's deal? What we are?

So this year at school we got closer. His name was brad. We became good friends and texted and stuff, and while we were at the end of the year dance he asked me to be his date. After that we started texting more and flirting and stuff like that, staying up till like 3am talking. About 3 or 4 weeks ago he told me he liked me and I told him I liked him too. About a little more than a week ago there was a fair in town and we hung out pretty much every night and hooked up and stuff and it was pretty great. then he went to the beach for a week and he didn't have service so we didn't text. He got back yesterday and I know we're gonna hang but the thing is...we aren't dating. At first it didn't bother me but today he was telling me this story about how someone asked if we were still going out and he said we weren't dating. Like I don't know why he would say that unless he was trying to send a message to me...? I'm probably getting worked up over something stupid but I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. We never really talk about "us" and we Haven't established that were a "thing" or anything but I dunno...I'm just wondering what people think on the whole situation.


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  • I went through something like that, the guy only wanted sex out of what ever we had... So if you guys are doing that then end it and find someone better and more deserving of you :)