He never responded and I still haven't heard from him.

have seen twice last week and I were supposed to hang out this past Friday

i ended up asking him around 3pm because he never contacted me and he said he could,

then around 9 he said he couldn't take the car that day he would try to the next,

so the next I asked again, he never responded and I still Haven't heard from him. he said he couldn't wait for Friday and had a really good time last time. after he dropped me off he texted me saying he was really glad we got to hang out. so I just don't understand and it means a lot to me

we have been friends for 5 years and he has always liked me

but he was under a year younger and I wasn't interested.

now that I am. well, I don't know

i literally thought we were about to be serious and seeing each other at least once a week. its been a week today since that amazing night

honestly him having a terrible accident makes more sense than he just didn't think to contact me or didn't want to.


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  • So did he have a terrible accident? Maybe something very important came up like family issues, Maybe he is going through personal issues. It could be a lot of reasons. I guess when you both have time try to hang out again and see how he acts and take it from their.

    • yea the waiting was the hardest part

      everyday get one more yard

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    • thank you you were a good answerer! I'm gona add you as a friend

    • You are welcome. :) I hope my answered help out alot. And add my as a friend anytime. And drop me a line anytime.

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