How can I tell him I'm scared to kiss him??

my best friend and I are in love we are going to meet on Friday, he wants to kiss me and hug me, I'm fine with the hugging, but I've never kissed a guy...

how do I tell him I am kinda scared to kiss him?


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  • just tell him your not ready. that you want to take things slow.

    but if your in the moment don't resist to kiss him

    he could be passionate type of guy. so its best to just tell him

    being open in a relationship is important

    its a make and break kind of thing

    • ok I'll try my best thanks

  • if he loves you than just tell him...if he truly loves you he will make you feel comfortable first and will let you lean in for the kiss

    • and I'm shy so I guess that's no help

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    • yea sorry about that

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