Do you think I should kiss her?

So yesterday I met up with my old childhood friend from kindergarden that I haven't seen in about 6 years and when we hung out at the mall we flirted and really got to know each other, there were moments when we were completely alone and I wanted to kiss her but didn't wanna it to be too soon even though she used to hold my hand and kiss me all the time as kids because we were pretty each others first crushes and play around boyfriend and girlfriend so I might be seeing here this Friday at 6 flags just us 2, should I try to kiss her because I won't see her for a long time or no?


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  • Yes, I think you should kiss her ... Every time you would feel like kissing a girl just do it, don´t waste your time ... you might lose a great opportunity :) ( remember : when things go wrong just close your eyes - slap doesn´t hurt that much then :D )

    • Lol I don't she would slap me but she's told me that guys have tried to kiss her unexpected and I was wondering for me being that we used to like each other as kids if it would be different and if she would wanna kiss just to see what it's like but not hook up or anything what do you think about that

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    • sounds good thank you

    • my pleasure :)

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  • yes kiss her you will never know how she real fills about you tell try and kiss her but she what to kiss you as well this is your chances to do so I say out for it what do you have to lose go for it and I just best you end you as boyfriend / girlfriend for real this time good luck bro