What does it mean when a boy who you're really close to stops texting you all of a sudden?

he used to text an call everyday an he made all these plans for us in the future but its like he doesn't even wanna talk to me I'm suppose to go see him next month but how when he won't return my call or text me back?


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  • If this has never happened before then I would give him the benefit of the doubt and realize maybe he forgot to top up. If this has happened before I suggest you keep trying to get through to him and ask him then go with your gut instinct. Sorry I can't be of more help.


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  • he had a change of heart. it hurts, but it happens

    • Not nessecarily.

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    • Not all guys fall out of love, And hers might not have, That's why I said not nessecarily, Because it's not definate that he's done that, For example, No credit, Not allowed due to family, Etc... Yes he 'COULD' have had a change of heart but you can't focus on it probably being that because the majority of situations like this usually aren't the fault of the guy having a change of heart, Instead it is usually phone problems. Look at all aspects.

    • in love? doesn't even sound like they were in like. they weren't dating, just talking. he had no attachments to her

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