Should I text him?

i got this guy I know from internet I think we like each other everyday he came to my home to drive me to work

today he forget to drive me and he also didn't call although we were talking yesterday and he said he will drove me earlier cause he need to talk with me

i don't know shall I text him and just say hi or wait to see what he will do

* I don't wait to fail this relation I had many couples b4 and all left me for stupid reason and I feel like I'm such easy girl anyone need me I'm here I text all the time play the good girl rule when someone break up with me I say OK I respect it and we can b friends and I don't want to ruin it this time


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  • iam just like you .. being the nica girl and all, but I think you should wait 24 hours and if he don't text or call you just send him a text saying hii are give hm a call maybe something came up he culdnt get ut off are anything just wait sometime and the see wht happens

    • yes I waited and sent him message at the end of the day saying just droping to say hi to mr hidden guy

      n he said his uncle died

    • Sorry to hear that.. .. well at least you got to know wht was wrong..

    • yes it's better to know what was going on

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