Should I text him eventually and ask if I did something? Please help, really getting on my nerves.

I've been talking to this guy for a little bit and he seemed really cool, easy to talk to, and we decided we would just see where things go. Well, we were at a friend's party, and needless to say, I had too much to drink. The only "crazy" thing I did was pass out in the bathroom, because I didn't want anyone to see me if I needed to throw up. Well, he ended up staying with me that night and the next morning, gave me a hug and I left. Well, then like 30 min later, he texted me saying that last night was fun, and so on, but then stopped for the rest of the day. Then I waited until the next day to text him. And when I did, he seemed short kind of, and a little different. It's been like 2 days now that he hasn't texted. It's obvious I did something wrong or he's not interested...which is cool, I understand. I wish he would have the decency to tell me though, instead of dropping off the face of the earth. So, my questions are A). Should I text him eventually and ask if I did something? B). I know I got pretty drunk, but I rarely drink, and it's not the real me, so he needs to consider that. Is that a huge turn off to guys?


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  • Well if you rarely drink, don't worry about it. As far as a turnoff, depends if the guy is a big party guy or not. I rarely drink so my ideal girl would be a girl who rarely drinks too. If that answers your question?

    I'm trying to picture myself in this situation and what I think he's doing if I were him, is he's playing hot and cold! So PLEASE don't ask him if you did something wrong...yet, might come off as desperate. Just let things cool down awhile, he's not going anywhere. Maybe in a couple more days text or call him.

    How long have you known this guy though.

    • Thanks for the thorough response. I've known him a couple months. He's one of my best friend's boyfriend's friends. And if I have to text him, what should I say?!

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    • You're very welcome!

      Good luck, let me know how it goes.

    • Thanks, I will!

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  • Honestly yes, I didn't date this girl cause she "seemed" to always be drinking or drunk. Due to the impression she gave me. I think you should text him just to clear the air and be frank

    " Hey Bobby I know I had too much to drink the other night; I didn't do or say anything did I?"

    Good luck


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  • Well, boys don´t like drunk girls ... he might like you but now he sees you more as a friend or "one of the boys" than a girl he could date. That´s what I think.

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