I don't see dating right now?

My ex said that he still thinks about me often, and the times we had together, but doesn't see dating in the future at all RIGHT now.

what does the right now part have to do with it. he could change his mind? wtf


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  • Maybe he's just not ready to get back into it hun..you guys broke up for a reason right? It could also be a bad sign too..he could be trying to make sure to keep you waiting in the shadows, cause he can't bare to see you with someone right now. Him leaving the ... (dot dot dot) there is not fair to you...he can't expect you to wait around and waste your time, well he gets his sh*t together. Maybe next time you talk to him, ask what's with that? or next time you go on a date, see how he reacts..sometimes it takes guys fear of losing someone, to realize what they had. If I may ask why did you two part? if I knew that..I could have a better understanding.

  • If he doesn't want to be with you, then forget about him. I'll stick to the people I love no matter what.