Can online friends be harmful to a relationship even if they were faraway?

i love to chat online with there girl friends I have. thing is they aren't even in my continent.i talk a lot about them to my girlfriend and she's now telling me I spend too much time on them than on her. I agree they are really hot and I read their messages sometimes before I read hers when I log on Facebook. but they are faraway and I may never even meet them in my life. and like my girlfriend a lot though but that's my only way of chattin with girls without cheating on her. OK now I want to know what others would feel if they were in her shoes and what they would want me to do?


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  • Sure it can become an impediment if your online friends become more of a priority than your girlfriend. For example, you stated you read their messages sometimes before your gf's...see the priority factor? I think it's important for a guy to have his friends, his own life and space. But, what you need to remember is that your girlfriend needs to come first. She is the one whom you are dating, she will be there when you need someone, she is the one that cares about you and contributes to your happiness. More than likely, you will never meet these other females. Naturally, it's very flattering to capture the attention of very attractive females, however just remember to come back down to earth. Strike a balance, time with your online friends plus equal time with your gf.


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  • They can be.

    I agree with fascination_steak. If your online friends are becoming a higher priority than your girlfriend, which it seems they might be, considering that your girlfriend seems to be feeling neglected and you admit that you read their messages before you read hers sometimes, then yeah, that could cause problems in your relationship. If you're putting your online friends before your girlfriend, that's not really fair to her.

    You haven't really said much about the nature of your friendship with these girls, other than you think that they're really hot. But if your conversations with them are sexual in nature, or even just flirtatious, if you girlfriend finds out, that could definitely cause problems in your relationship, or even end it.

  • As long as you pay more attention to me than unrealistic girls and you don't talk to them sexually then we're good.

  • do you have real friends?


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