Hooked up and now what? We haven't texted or called each other since?

I got a number from this guy who lives down my street and we met up almost a week ago and ended up hooking up on a whim (we didn't have sex, but we may as well have. Use your imagination.) There were a few unsure moments since the situation was extremely random and he wanted to make sure I was 100% comfortable the whole time and when I looked shaky he would calm me down and make sure it was all fine. Anyways, we haven't texted or called each other since, and while we were parting he told me that he wants to see me again soon but I didn't say anything back. I'm wondering if he's waiting for me to contact him or what he could possibly be thinking after that. Thank you!


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  • He sounds as if he quite likes you. If a guy doesn't really like you that much, he won't really care about how comfortable you are when your messing around, but seeing as he did then I would say he cares a lot about you.

    As for calling him back, I think he's waiting for you! He played his card when you left by saying he wants to see you and you didn't say anything back. You know his place but he doesn't know yours! Text him back and meet up, and let me know how it goes :)

    • Thank you :) Very helpful answer, and if you really wanna know how it goes I'll be sure to tell you haha

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