I decided to stop talking to him, now he is always calling me. You got to help me, please!

I really don't know what to do,I met this guy 2 years ago we talked just a little and he added me on Facebook and we became friends but then we just stopped talking for no reason, now we are starting to talk again and I really like him but when I talk to him on Facebook he doesn't seem interested and when I send him a text he doesn't answer so I decided to stop talking to him, now he is always calling me and today he called me at 7 and asked me to meet him cause he is staying in my neighbourhood for the week but he never called back.. So I called him and he said he has to meet me tomorrow cause he was playing cards with his uncle that is 11 what am I suppose to do? I like him but ugh I DON'T understand him. Tell me what to do please!


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  • Hmm well from what you are telling me, he calls you when he wants to, he talks to you when he wants to you. I am guy but personally don't like what he is doing. Next time he says "meet me here" just say oh no I can't I have to ____" play hard to get. Yes I said it! See what happens, don't let him push you around!

    Let me know how it goes ma'am!

  • I agree with what Jmag said. The guy does seem to show interest only at his convenience. Stop and ask yourself if you really want to be involved with someone who is only interested in you when it is convenient for them, lol.


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