Will he ever call me again?

I met this guy from a dating site that I had at least been talking to for a month. We eventually met & I went to his house...he asked me to stay because it was so late and we live like an hr and 30 min away from each other. He asked if I wanted to get in bed with him I said sure...not thinking that he would make any kind of move...he was always so sweet and respectful. So once I was in bed with him...of course it went further. That was really not my intentions but I felt I put myself in that position so I went along with it. I never have slept with someone the 1st night...what a stupid mistake. So I went home the next morning...we continued to talk or text at least every other day. But I felt I initiated most of the time...we planned to see each other again on a Saturday but I couldn't make it because my brakes went out on my car. I texted that I could see him on next Saturday if he wanted me to but he never responded back...i Haven't heard from him in almost 3 weeks. Will he call bac or should I text or call him at least 1 more time. Please give positive feedback thanks!

He also still logs on the dating site that I met him on.



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  • been there done that. yea, he probably texted you after the fact just to be nice, but in his mind any desire for a relationship or any effort was gone


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  • Since it's been 3 weeks, yeah I text him again. I'm afraid he might be moving on but it NEVER hurts to try, so give it another try hun! Good luck, let me know how it goes ok.

    • Ok...i will maybe I will try tomorrow...thanks!

    • Update: I texted him today and he did respond ...he explained to me that he had been busy & he did apologize but I was glad of that but I guess I will see what's to come next.

  • 3 weeks and you still had feelings for him? If he doesn't reply back to you again. You may want to treat it as a one night stand. It is your decision to go into bed with him in the first place. Guys take that as a sign, that you are horny and wants to have sex. Next time, have a little more self control and you won't be hurting that much in the long run.


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