Dating again

Ok, so I have told most of you about my story with my ex boyfriend. Ok well no I'm not completely over him I have no reason to lie. I mean you can't date someone for a long period of time and then just get over them that fast. But there is this guy I've had my eye on for quite some time now, and I really don't know how to go about dating him or even talking to him for that matter. I just get so worried that ALL guys are the same and that if I get into a relationship then something will go wrong and I will be left with yet again another HEART BREAK or vice versa because I put up this wall to where I don't want ANY guy hurting my the way my ex raymon did. So any advice?


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  • well, like I just told another user, guys are easy to get to know, a nice young girl talks and flirts with a guy, he is usually all for it. Try not to be to shy when dating though, because in experiance, after dating for a long time and no sexual activities are going on it won't work in the end! GOOD LUCK


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  • i was the same way with my ex. you can't just always think every guy is gonna break ur heart. give the new dude a chance. tell him you like him