How do I get him to romance me again?

my boyfriend and I met our senior year of high school (06), which is going to be 5 years ago in a couple of months. We were always playing around, and messing with each other until we decided to be together during school. he took me to prom we graduated and were still together but got into different schools that were 1hr away from each other. things started to slow down a little between us but I tried to come back every weekend to keep us good. About March 08 I noticed things really started changing he really wasn't trying anymore, was always busy doing other things never responding to my messages or calls, but would contact me at 2 in the morning to come see him. people around town started telling me stories about how he been with other chics. he got into the fast money lifestyle I got fed up and decided to move elsewhere in the same state. I was so heartbroken it took me about 4months to get over him but I did. when I finally start talking to others he threatens the boys that he sees been commenting on my pics. and sending me messages telling them how I'm still his. he eventually started checking up on me texting me calling to see how I was doing and wondering why I wasn't acting like I loved him anymore. when I moved back home he wanted to be back together but I didn't feel the same about him after doing me like that. I have to say he did work his ass off to win me back. since 09 we've been very good with each other he has my back I have his we support each he makes time for me. only resently I've begun to feel like he is comfortable with our relationship and might be getting bored. I have no doubt that he loves me but I see the romance leaving. What gets a mans attraction back when he is getting bored?


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  • That's a hard call , you two have been together and have known each other for a long time. I think you should do something new like a style, hair cut or jst make over unexpected you know. I mean I don't doubt that he will always love you.