So what's with women dating bad boys when they could date a successful guy?

for example I'm doing positive things in my life like acting to some films in my area yet I'm a girl magnet yet . And so many girl going for crime type guys and most are going nowhere what up?

"I made it to next step of selection for the movie called "Risk Limit" and all I have too do is send them a audition so that not trolling"\

"If you have received this e-mail, it means that you have been selected by Rickswan for further review."

a yet I'm NOT a girl magnet yet
as long as I have the flame in my eyes and it's not from wine I can do anything I like and get all girls with power of holy spirit. I'm head only with god
I'm head everybody that below the light
I'm ahead all lower level negativity people so hate will be your downfall and as long I have heart of gold I'm great in gods eyes and will make with holy spirts in me
will with holy spirit in me


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  • Just because your in a few films means nothing unless you have a personality even then just because your in a movie doesn't mean girls will flock toward you in hordes. The movie would have to be a blockbuster hit or you would have to be incradibly attractive for that to happen for girls to overlook you not having an attractive personality.

    Your so stuck on the fact thet because your in a film or two you should have no problem getting girls you don't seem to comprehend why your not.

    Your concieted and girls don't like that.

    I have to say I'm so tired of guys with sh*t personalities saying "girls only like bad boys or guys going no where in life" blah blah bullsh*t because they think their the cats meow and heaven forbid they realize its their crappy over inflated sence of self worth we find so abhorrent thet we don't want to date them, oh lets not forget the whole time claiming thet they are "the good guy" in the whole factor of things.

    Sure keep saying its "us" going after losers...Lord knows it can't possibly be because "you": have a fault

    • it those have be a blockbuster hit . it a cult classic and on dvd and a indie award winning flim.

      god your such downer and maybe I will be thought as sexy man on earth in 2 year when I go hollywood

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    • you don't now the city were I'm from we have connection and many of us have made big

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  • Women can provide for themselves these days, so their main objective is to find someone you rocks their world.

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