What was your first kiss like?

what was your first kiss like?

my reason for this question is because someone wants to kiss me and I've never kiss a guy before, I'm kinda scared...


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  • I'm twice you age & I remember it to this day. I even remember where.

    It wasn't anything more then a kiss on the lips. Not very long, short & sweet.

    • cute..

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    • The 1st tine was when I was leaving from a date. So it's a kiss & walk away type of thing not a make out session.

      full lips 3/4 lips it's all good. Like I said there's like radar or something.

      I remember I wore glasses back then & she left nose prints on them. I didn't care. Now that I thought about it, it brought a smile back to my face.

      Just relax.

    • i'll try my best

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  • My first kiss was with my 3rd boyfriend (I guess my first 2 were scared or something...) But i met him at a school homecoming event and we ended up dating. it was a bad relationship. started a couple days after we met and he kissed me the first day we were dating in he halls at school. short & sweet. wasn't the best but hey first kisses are always awkward. relationship didn't last long. but im proud to say when people ask that he was my first kiss because i have to admit, he's definitly cute, and im a bit out of his league.


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  • It was a dare and it was horrible. lol.

    • other then that one

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    • it will be bad anyway

    • Don't say that. Just do your best and look up tips online for begginers. (:

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