Are any of you committed to or married to a libra man? Are Libra men faithful?

was just wondering your experiences with libra men,alot of the charactaristics I have read on about libras do apply to the guy I am seeing ,and I was just wondering .Please share if you have time thanks


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  • I never find a difference between the libras and virgos and all of that stuff. I dated 6 guys, one from every month and they were totally different and never were too different. I never saw any pattern relating to that.

  • Libras are loyal but moody as a rule. Very jealous for their partner's attention, but always trying to be reasonable about it and tone it down. Being faithful is not particularly affiliated with being Libra. Libras and Tauruses love pretty things, though, so they're attracted to attractive people and things. (They should tattoo that to our backsides when we're born.)

    Whatever sign the guy falls under, he's a guy and will react a certain way based on how he was raised to believe guys should react to certain stimuli, events, etc.