I texted my boyfriend and he didn't text back.

i recently got back from a trip, and I texting my boyfriend and he didn't text back. I figured he was busy and then I log into Facebook and see that he was on about the same time I texted him. he normally goes on Facebook on his phone so he would have seen my text.. why would he not reply?


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  • We wouldn't know why he do this for sure. But here are a few reason why he would not reply:

    1) He logged on to Facebook before he saw your text.

    2) He wanted his alone time/ he was in the "I want to be alone do my stuff" mode

    3) He didn't quite bother to respond to a text such as "how are you" that soon (so do many other people and boyfriends and girlfriends)

    4) He may be tired

    5) He might have other (maybe more important) things in mind

    Whatever the reasons is, give it a bit of time and observe. Don't over think, don't over analyse, don't get over emotional, don't assume/draw conclusions rashly, don't over question him, don't over react, keep an open and observant mind. It's just one message after all ;)


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  • Don't call or send any more messages. If he's ignoring you, flooding him with with messages is not going to convince him otherwise. If he missed the message, you'll come across as desperate.

    If he doesn't call back within a couple of days, call him, but don't ask he read your message.

  • There are so many reasons why, don't torture yourself by overthinking. Maybe he doesn't respond straight away because he doens't want to apear desperate. Maybe he didn't notice. Maybe he wanted to send back a great message and is contemplating what it would say. Maybe...


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  • Hmm maybe he's playing jooking around with you..or does not know what to say or just not into you anymore..idk call him don't text.

  • Ok, let's assume he has good intentions first. If I were you, I wouldn't jump into conclusions. I'd say leave him a text saying "I'm back and would love to see you" and then wait for a response from him. Don't text again until he replies first.

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