I've kissed her already but she acts like I bite when we sit down to watch a movie, why do you think?

I kissed her the second to last time we hungout. We hungout today. We drove to drop something off at her grandma's and then we f***ed around in menards (lol I don't know but she had fun). We came back here and I put a movie I liked on. She said she had to leave to eat dinner around 5:30.

She sat at the end of my bed looking at the TV at a weird angle. I hinted I wanted her closer, "I mean you can sit there but it might be kinda hard to see the tv" and I laughed. I sat back a ways so she could lay in front of me. I don't want to seem creepy or too forward and say like, "Get over here, let's spoon" haha. She moved later but was still at a distance. Should I ask if she was uncomfortable because it's like the first time she's been on my bed or should I give it time? I didn't even kiss her today because I felt unwanted. Idfk. Almost makes me mad when she does this (She iniates nothing, just hits me flirting) I just assumed from the last girl I kissed and watched a movie with you get close right from the get-go. I thought this girl liked me but she has a funny way of showing it. Maybe it's just her easing in slow or I'm doing something wrong? I just don't know.

She doesn't have a lot of boyfriend experience, and I don't have a lot of girl experience but I find it hard to believe she's at the disadvantage lol. And I can't believe she'd be immature like this but that's what it's looking like. Or doesn't like me like I think... ha HELP


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  • I think she likes you but she may be shy when it comes to being alone with a guy in small quarters, especially on a guys bed. She may think that you want to sleep with her and she may not be ready for that, and from your question, you might not be ready for it either. Take things slow, do not rush it and make sure you are not putting her in any awkward position because if she is scared she might back away. Keep the relationship fun, light and happy right now, and then you guys will eventually come together and be at the right place in the relationship that is comfortable for the both of you. Good luck

    • Ugh. I step out of my comfort zone, I meet halfway A LOT. You have no idea. It's a question about cuddling. Little room to be taken too far. If this was a question like, "I'm trying to get it in the 'date' after the first kiss and she's not responding well to me touching the inside of her legs" I'd probably understand much better. My 7th grade year I had been closer to my girlfriend than this...

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    • Thank you, you actually make sense... I thought that too, to ask what's up. But it'd probably be too early if it was like the next day. If she even talks to me after this.

    • yea just give her some time, everything should be alright. If you ask her, be supportive and make sure you're there for her. if she opens up to you, she will show that she trusts you and it may open up a new level for you guys. gook luck and I wish you well

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  • She definitely likes you but isn't comfortable around you yet. Just be patient with her. Just try to make her feel comfortable. It wasn't a good idea to bring her to your room since you had only known her for a short period of time.

    • But we know each other. And I don't get why girls would be scared or why you mention it. There's such a thing as the answer no. She had her own car. If I go too far (i'd more than likely be aware according to her reactions) she can say no and leave. I've known her since my freshmen year of hs.

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  • You are supposed to initiate contact. You are the man. If she has already kissed/hooked up with you, she likes you. When you are with her initiate closer contact.

    • Initiate what? She's sitting awkward with her stomach down and her feet up like a teenage girl on the phone with her feet like hanging off. So unless you mean drag her I don't know what you mean.

      I'm saying she wasn't open to make a move. I sat all movie thinking of a way, I would have if I figured it out.

    • You could have sat in the same position next to her. That is just one idea.

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