When you're on a date, what is your "secret weapon" you use to get or keep your date interested and wanting more?

Ok admit it. EVERYONE who is experienced developes a "secret weapon" that you dish out if you know you want your date to go out with you again. This is for both the guys and gals on GAG. Come on give us the dish?!?! lol


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  • smiling. I smile and do the whole flirty eye thing. works like a charm.


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  • Apparently not everyone develops one since I don't have one lol. I honestly can't think of anything like that that I do. I just try to be myself and that's always been enough for me...

  • rophenol.

    • Lol really? how does that keep him/her wanting more?

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    • haha! ohh wow. Hmm I would be to scared to go on a date with you now. lol

    • pfft.. no you wouldn't, you would love to go out on a date with me.

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