Things you wish you knew with your 1st boyfriend or girlfriend?

Is there anything you wish you knew when you got your 1st boyfriend or gf? Any questions you wished someone had answered for you? Kissing tips? Dating timeline(how far you went in a certain amount of time?)...Anything you screwed up on you wish you wouldn't have? Basically any advice is welcome :)


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  • I wish I knew to tell him not to talk about his ex at all, because once he started he went on and on about it.

    I wish I knew that when he laughed at me for being a virgin I should have shoved it in his face saying that that was disrespectful and just because he has had sex before me does NOT make him more human than me, I'm still human.

    I wish I would have knew more about BC options like the pills, condoms, getting STDs and plan B. Because I didn't know anything about it, he raped me and I was freaked out then he starts telling me about it.

    I wish I knew not to put myself in a position where he could have raped me. I wish I knew not to continue to have sex with him and reported him right then instead. I wish I knew a lot of stuff... I wish I knew that marrying a guy who claims he is Christian does NOT mean that he is a good Christian guy.

    I wish I knew more about his drug habits, like smoking pot, chewing tobacco etc.

    I wish I knew more about his past...


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  • I wish I had known about religious fanatics, J wintnesses, zionists, doctors' daughterss,and the like. No one yalks about these women but there are so many


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  • My boyfriend was too sensitive and clingy

    • How so? and why was this bad?

    • i don't like having the penis in our relationship I want to be the girl but it was like he just wanted be in all of my business and try and make me feel bad for not talking to him for a few days

  • I wish I'd known how to punch.

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