Am I leading them on?

I'm kind of stuck between two guys. It's very weird to me, because this is the first time guys think of me more than just a friend and it's funny how more than one guy is interested in me. I've known guy A for about six months and we've been co workers for about 2,5 months now. We don't see each other a lot anymore because the schedules are very weird thanks to the holidays, but when we do see each other we flirt a little like we always do. We don't hang out outside work.

I've known guy B for shorter time (I met him two weeks ago), but we kissed the other day and we felt very attracted to each other. We have been talking over the phone, but we don't really meet up.

Guy A doesn't know guy B and vice versa. Guy B doesn't even live in the same town. He doesn't live too far away though.

When I saw guy A again yesterday we had a nice conversation and it was obvious that I still do have feelings for him. Guy B text messaged me a few hours later and we talk for a while and it felt right, but wrong at the same time.

Am I leading them on? Should I stop talking to one of them? My friend told me it's not fair if I would keep talking to both of them. Maybe in just a friendly way, but every conversation has a bit of flirt in it. With both guys..


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  • I do think it is unfair to be talking to them in a flirty kind of way. It's fine if you talk to one in a flirty kind of way and the other in a friendly way. Because both of them are going to think that you are interested in them, and if you want more then a friendship with guy A or B, eventually, you are going to have to pick A or B. If you pick guy A (as an example), you are going to have to tell guy B that you are not interested in him, which is leading him on, because you were flirting with both of them for a while (which gave them the impression that you genuinely like them). After you tell guy B that, he is 99% percent of the time, going to stop talking to you. We guys HATE being leaded on as MUCH as girls do! So you are going to have to pick one (which is VERY hard to do) and go with that guy. And try to do this as quickly as possible!


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