My mom is very over protective of me. I'm starting to tire of this...

My mom is very over protective of me when it comes to the guy I'm dating. She is old fashion, and want things done the right way. To some extent I want the same as she does, but she does tend to dive into my relationship with my boyfriend so much. It's been two years since we started dating and we both want to sleep with each other, and we both know that'll never happen because how my mom is. We're both adults, and I'm on birth control.


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  • Well it says you are 25-29. So you are well beyond being an adult now. So I'm not sure how exactly your mom is stopping you from doing what you want. It sounds like you are afraid of setting boundaries and insisting on them. Your mother has a right to express her opinion and you have a right to do as she says or not do as she says. If she tries to go beyond those boundaries, then you have to assert yourself.


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  • Wait you are on birth control, but you're not having sex? I don't understand. Are you a virgin, or just with him you have not had sex yet?

    • i have.its why I am on birth control.

    • oh so you have to be on birth control even though you are not currently having sex?

      sorry I'm definately not an expert in this area!

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