I would really like to date girls but my lack of track record is extremely creepy!!

This is extremely embarassing but I need some help on this one. I am almost a 23 year old man and I have not dated, kissed , or had sex with a female in my life. I have had plenty of abnormal situations that had greatly influenced this but the facts still remian true. This sounds creepy and weird even to me so how can a woman my age wrap her head around this? To add insult to injury, many girls have found me to be attractive over the years but I had issues get in the way. What do I do if I start to date. Do I not let her know what my history is without lying about it or do I speak of the odd and tragic things that have happened to me and explian that they are the reasons? I know that this is extremely sad but I honestly could use the help and I would appreciate your advice.


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  • 1st of all stay away from those kind of things unless she asks (which should be after the inial get to know you phase. then if she asks say like 6 weeks to 3 months into relationship alittle at a time

    not the whole truck load.

    you strike me by your post to be what many girls might call a sweet nice guy but not boyfriend material fore them so you probably get shunted off to their friend zone most likely. I've had girls ask me at times (1960's and early 70's) why a sweet nice guy like me has no girlfriend ? ya right huh. I've always wanted to say "why are you wanting to apply for the position?" but generally the girls that ask rthat question already had boyfriends so I didn't.

    i generally said "thats the $64,000 question if you ever find out let me know because I don't"

    lame I know.but yet over the years I've learned some things and omly wished I knew them at your age.

    what would you say if I told you you probably had at least 1/2 doz girls fantasizing about you right now. these same girls would make wonderfukl girlfriends too .

    "WTF" is most likely what your thinking right now "right"!

    NO this is the truth these girls have been trying to get your attention by flirting but what they were doing you may not reconized it as such. "WHAT GIRLS FLIRTING WITH ME " your thinking "RIGHT" LOL well in this case I'm right .

    there are an abondance of girls out there many of them shy (some shyier than others) these girls flirt differently than more confident girls do so sometimes when they flirt as said many guys

    don't reconize it.

    do a google search on shy girls body language and signals /signs and read as many as you can friom each category (body language and body signals/signs).

    you may be surprised after reading to the number of girls that likes you and would love to be with you but just to shy to approach you.

    ok, at present you have no girlfriend and no prospect of one from what you've got written right. so what do or would you have to lose by reading some of this material . there is a 95% possabilty

    you could get a girlfriend within days if not sooner .

    example : ever had any girl talking with you maybe even looking at you while twirling a strand of hair around her finger? well bud you were being flirted with or she found you interesting.

    example : ever saw a girl looking at you but almost emidately she turns her head then looks down she may even blush some . you were flirted with and she likes you and absolutely wouldn't say no 90% of the time if you approached her and ask her out.

    these are only two such examples of body language shy girls do as ways of flirting their are many more some more secretive done that you have to know what their doing to decipher it through body language.

    after you read a lot of this info about girls body language you'll start seeing patterns and can actually sit back an watch some dude who thinks he's so cool and try to get the girl . you'll

    be know if he does or not before him lol.


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  • We can't fully help you if we don't know what the problem that is getting in your way is..

    • Well to explian it, they are some very intense personal things.Disfiguring wounds on my penis from an elective infant circumcision gone wrong, a medical condition in which I would feel pian when placed in contact with another individuals skin(which I no longer have) , almost being molested a few times and exposed to beastiality as a child and a teenager as well as having had the generall fear of getting her pregnant and ruining her life if I had wanted to get intimate with her.

    • Wow I'm sorry, I'm not surprised that you feel this way but don't worry. A true woman that is right for you wouldn't care about your past and see you as you are in the present. Get to know her well beforehand and slowly open up. Don't tell her everything on the first date, just naturally tell her about you as you fall in love and when you trust her/feel ready. As for sex, don't worry, women know the risks of getting pregnant. It wouldn't be just your fault! Good luck!

  • Girls can't tell just by looking at you what your track record is : )

    If a guy is friendly and respectful and has good qualities, I would be thinking what a good catch he is. It probably wouldn't even cross my mind that he was a virgin.

    I might be a bit nervous sleeping with him for the first time if I knew he was a virgin, but if I genuinely liked him, I wouldn't find it a deal-breaker. Plus you're not that old - there are plenty of guys and girls in their mid-twenties that are still virgins, so it's not hugely unusual. Everyone has secrets and 'issues' from their past. Unless you feel that they are potential deal-breakers, I would just let the issues that you have reveal themselves over the course of the relationship (which is pretty normal practice in my experience).

    Just concentrate on your other assets and you'll attract the right woman who will help you through your issues : )


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  • you shouldn't lie but you don't have to tell the truth either. When a girl asks "how many women have you been with?" I jokingly say "thousands!" (actually closer to the truth :) )

    it's really non of the girls business, nor should you ever ask a girl how her love life has been unless you are her gay friend and don't ever want to sleep with her

  • well you aren't doing too bad if women find you attractive.. But honesty is key in this situation

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