If you met someone on a dating website, but you never got a chance to respond because his posting was flagged

What would you do? Because I saw this post pn craigslist and before I got a chance to respond his post was flagged but he was not violating any terms of service! What should I do?


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  • Maybe someone else interacted with him off craigslist and reported him. Anything to do with craigslist be very very careful. Any sign somethings up even if you can't see why drop it and move on. I have to ask, what about his post makes him so appealing to you? Be honest now...

    • Because he said he is British, and he's an older man 29, I'm 19 so I like older men, he's very very handsome, and very tall, and has a great smile

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    • Again, especially in the south, you've chosen to pursue one of the most difficult "hookups" black women with white men. I told a couple of reasons why white guys generally don't approach black girls but there are others. What kind of response do you get in general when you approach a white guy?

    • "Oh sure!" "I have a girlfriend but she won't find out" "Ok" "Oh sorry I have a girlfriend" I know some white boys in the south with black gfs(fat but black)

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  • Move on I wouldn't trust people on those sites

    • Well yea but I wanted to try it out

    • but I never got a chance to respond to it anyways so I guess it doesn't matter anymore