Should I be afraid to tell my boyfriend I kissed another guy?

So I've been dating this guy for a couple of months and I'm studying abroad for the next 5. I was at this club and (to make a long story short) he kissed me. I was really drunk so it took me about two "licks" (IDK what else to call them) to realize what was happening and immediately I pushed him away and left the club. Should I be afraid to tell my boyfriend? Is this cheating?

by he I mean some random guy


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  • Don't be afraid to tell him, but be prepared as to how he may respond and the consequences of telling him.

    Personally if I were you I wouldn't tell UNLESS you guys have made a promise to be very honest with one another. Otherwise it's a small matter that might complicate your relationship especially since you guys are in a long distance relationship (it's a matter of time and distance).

    With all that said, next time please don't do that again or get yourself into such or worse situation >.< glad to hear that you quickly pushed away.

    • thanks a lot. And I made a promise to myself never to go to a gay club again. so hopefully it was a one time thing

    • Glad that you realize what you've done and willing to do what's right :) Good luck to you and I trust you would do the right things in the future.

      And thanks for the Best Answer :)

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  • Yes, you cheated. Expect him to be angry and lose trust in you. I wouldn't tell him. Not if you want to keep your relationship and trust. Just don't do it again, and don't blame it on the alcohol.

  • Well it's not like you really did anything. You were drunk and some dude came up to you and kissed you then you pulled away and left. Sounds fine to me. I'm sure your boyfriend will trust you and understand.


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