Why does he always want to hang out with me?

So there's this guy that always messages me and texts me to hang out with him. He'll only message me when he wants to hang out. I hung out with him twice and he told me I was beautiful and that he loved me. It's not like we're fooling around or anything, so why does he want to always hang out with me? My friend thinks I should not hang out with him. Does he want something from me by just hanging out? My gut is telling me not to hang out with him cause I feel like something is going to be wrong. But I'm not too sure. Is this kinda creepy he'll only talk to me when he wants to hang out with me?


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  • ...Why the hell is this creepy?

    Some guy enjoys your company and wants to hang out with you AND during the time he's hanging out with you he's not trying to force himself on you... Seems like a guy who likes you and enjoys your company.

    One of my pet peeves is the term "creepy." It gets thrown around way too easily and is pretty offensive. Use it for somebody who is actually creepy and not some guy who likes you and wants to hang out with you.

    soo... unless there are more details to this situation, Id say if you want to hang with this guy and you enjoy his company then keep it going. No harm in it. If you don't enjoy the company, then don't hang with him and tell him that so he stops asking.

    • thanks. and I only say creepy because it kind of threw me off a bit. we only hung out twice and when it got dark we drove to a park and he cut everything off and told me these things. so yeah I was kind of creeped out. sorry to offend you. and he only talks to me when he wants to hang out. so if he enjoys my company I think he would or should talk to me more. When you like someone's company do you talk to that person more than just when you want to be around them?

  • 6 months late, but oh well.

    Are you super dense or something? He always messages/texts you to hang out with him, just one and on one, and he called you beautiful. HE LIKES YOU.

    The only thing I really find creepy, is that he told you loves you.


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