When you get a girl's phone number, how long should you wait to text or call her? I don't want to be clingy

needy or desperate, I don't want to be either one, do most guys still use the "3-day rule?", me and this girl are still in the getting to know each other stages, we haven't gone on a date yet, or did I already screw things up? are you supposed to ask a girl out first and then get her number? or it does not matter what order as long as I'm escalating?

we have been getting to know each other for about a month now, just got her number yesterday, yeah it may seem like a while, but I don't want to push it too soon, because girls hate that
I thought I'd get more answers than this


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  • don't do 2 3 day rule if you are interested in her. You get a girls number text her I say 24 hours later. So if you got it say Saturday text her Sunday night with a short text, than text her again the nxt day ask her out on a date ( now on Monday or Tuesday when you text her, or tcall her which would be way beter). 2 3 day wait just leaves us hanging and wondering what's up and questioning your interest. Doubt a girl will find a guy clingy and desperate if you text her the next night after getting her number. Desperate is when you ask her over and over to go out or text too much after she said no.

    • it's okay to ask a girl out over the phone or a text?

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    • well you were saying do what I feel, but what if what I feel about doing she doesn't feel like doing? that's why I want to pick a place where she can enjoy it

    • well I asked her out, she said yes but then she flaked out on me, why do girls have to do that?

  • The next day is good

    • since your a girl, how do you like to be asked out? where and how?

    • I just like a guy to be a gentlemen, & to come right out & ask me. Try not to overly grope them or anything, that is kind of annoying. We don't want to be treated like a sexual object, so be a gentlemen.

    • give me an example, like how should I say it?

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  • One or two days.

    I used to be very worried about when to text and how long to wait. Just wait a day or two and text her. Don't over think it. Just pick up your phone and say hey. If you think about it too much your texts will be too boring and mechanical. Just say whatever comes to your mind.

    • omg I never thought about it like that, I am going to get it in so much now because of you, thanks brewski

    • if she has gone many hours or more than a day without texting back to my last message, should I just give up on her?

  • I heard a lot of girls don't like waiting so the 3 day rule doesn't really work but I don't know if that's true or not.

    • yeah, they hate it when we don't call or text them but then call us clingy, needy or desperate when we do

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    • bitches they are

    • True this is. lol

  • I thought it was the two day rule.Regardless of the rules if you feel a connection to someone then there should be very little waiting time as long as you are not too aggresive and too forward.

    • easier said than done but risks have to be taken

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