Girls claiming guys they're not dating?

So I'm starting college. I attend a 3 day orientation and get to know some girls. My best friend (a girl) tell me that the girl I'm hangin with the most is claimin/puttin her dibs on me. She's keeping the other girls away when I try and talk to them.

For ex.

we were dancin. I got tired and went to get a drink and start talking to a girl I was familiar with. The girl I was with at first found me (big party) and when she came over the other girl looked intimidated.

why do girls do this?

How can I stop it?


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  • It's so annoying when girls do that. Just flirt with the other girls

  • Same reason guys do it. I think it comes off as needy and/or controlling. Not attractive at all. If she does it again when you are talking to a girl say something like, "Do you mind, we are having a private conversation here." Don't be rude or anything but let her know that you want to talk to this other girl without her there.

    I have had guys do this to me too and that is how I handle it.


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